We care about our clients,
our environment, and our citizens

Our Sustainability Practices

We believe that sustainability is a responsibility that starts in our homes and offices. As a Biosphere certified company, we implement green business practices and train all incoming staff on environmental responsibility. We have a strict recycling policy and keep our waste low by purchasing reusable and returnable goods. The purchasing and use of consumable and disposable goods is carefully monitored and managed, while unnecessary packaging (especially from plastic) is avoided by buying in bulk. We are also proud to admit that we have not used any printed promotional material since 2009. Where practical and feasible, the cleanest and most resource-efficient transport options are used in the provision of tour programs and excursions.

Sustainability to us also means looking into the best solution for each and every program in order to make it a meaningful immersion into the local culture. We regularly audit our sources of supply for goods and services and favor those that are locally owned and operated. We strive to always partner with vendors that employ the same philosophy of respecting for our environment and workforce. Where appropriate, we provide advice and support to our local providers on the quality and sustainability of their goods and services.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Practices

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a key tenet to our business model. We hold ourselves socially accountable by making conscious choices about who we partner with and what kind of experiences and products we recommend to our clients.

We also support Casal del Raval, a local NGO providing guidance and assistance to people at risk of social exclusion.

We value and incorporate authentic elements of traditional and contemporary local culture in our programs, while respecting the intellectual property rights of local communities. We contribute to the protection, preservation and enhancement of local properties, sites, and traditions of historical, archaeological, cultural and spiritual significance and do not impede access to them by local residents. We seek to provide employment opportunities for local residents in our operations and activities wherever possible.

Not only do we implement CSR through our own business practices, but we encourage our clients to do the same when they visit our country. We have facilitated countless CSR activities through our programs and are always researching new organizations to partner with. Nothing brings us more joy than to see the satisfaction, pride, and gratitude on your participants faces when they are given the opportunity to give back!